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To exit vacant or damaged rental property

More about Norco, CA

Just outside of greater Los Angeles in Riverside County is the town of Norco, California. Despite being only 50 miles away from downtown LA, you'd be surprised how different the town is from its eclectic metropolitan neighbor. Norco has earned itself the nickname (and official motto) of "Horsetown USA" due to its focus on an equestrian theme in addition to its 140 miles of horse trails throughout town. The city council also ensures that all architecture reflects their desired western theme.

Upwards of 25,000 people live in the city of Norco, which was first established back in 1923, though it didn't officially become a city until 1964. The name "Norco" came from the North Corona Land Company. The head of the company, Rex Clark, originally built the Lake Norconian Club, with dreams of making it the largest resort destination on the west coast. He then desired to create a surrounding farming community that has embraced its love of horseback riding as well as farming culture ever since.

*Source: Wide Open County

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